10 November 2006

10 Best White Water Rafting Trips

The December issue of Men's Journal has taken the liberty to issue their list of the 10 Best Rivers to go white water rafting on. For the most part, I completely agree with their list. A couple may not belong on the top ten as far as fun, excitment and adventure, but its a pretty good list. Maybe they will as Rafting America for our top ten list? That would be nice.

#1 Grand Canyon, AZ
#2 Alsek River, AK
#3 Selway River, ID
#4 Gauley River, WV
#5 Middle Fork Salmon, ID
#6 Tuolomne River, CA
#7 Upper Youghiogheny, MD
#8 Hulahula, AK
#9 Yampa River Canyon, CO/UT
#10 Arkansas River, CO

The upper Youghiogheny in MD would not be on my top ten. And maybe I would take the Kern River in California before the Tuolomne. yampa River Canyon in CO/UT should be replaced with Cataract Canyon. Now that I think about it, maybe i will come up with a great Top 10 Rafting list. I already established a great list for rivers to raft in the fall.

Thats it then. I am going to come up with multiple Top Ten lists for rafting adventures. Then we will see who the rafting experts are... (j/k- I just think it will be fun)

06 November 2006

Maine Could be Hot Spot in '07

According to a recent article in the bangordailynews.com, Millincocket, Maine is going to be one of the top 10 travel hot spots for 2007. White water rafting is a popular activity in the area, with trips going doen the Penebscot River daily during summer months. Reviews from travelers who made Millincocket a destination this year all agree that it is a great destination for those who love the outdoors.

Matt Polstein of the New England Outdoor Center knows that the information and Trip Advisor website are important resources for travelers. More and more visitors are wanting outdoor trips when they visit the area. The New England Outdoor Center saw increases on business across the board. Lodging increased 50 - 100 percent over the summer months, and rafting trips saw an increase of 12% overall.

The New England Outdoor Center offers rafting trips, vacation lodging, canoe and kayak school, moose tours, nature tours, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling and much more. It is a great destination and resource for anyone looking to visit the area. Obviously, Trip Advisor (an Expedia subsudiary) thinks the area is hot, and will only grow in the coming years.