24 August 2006

White Water Rafting in Colorado Could Break Record

The Colorado River Outfitters Association reported that this season 504,622 people have rafted in Colorado so far. The season is still not over, and Colorado my break its all-time high of 525,537 from '99. The season has been good all around the country, as the combination of great water levels and increased interest rise everywhere.

Colorado actually is host to the famous Arkansas River and the Colorado River, among others in the state. So how much money does this equate to for teh river runners. So far, the estimates lie around $135 million for white water rafting outfitters across the state. Many outfitters will continue to run the rivers through September until the weather cools down and business slows. But until then, everyone is mostly excited about the increase and they hope this trend continues into next year.

14 August 2006

White Water Rafting with Your Fitness Club?

A new twist has been added to the same old work-out routine. TruFitness, a gym/fitness club in Roseville, CA has added a new option for members looking for fun ways to get in shape. The fitness club boats "offers al fresco workouts" as an option for its members. You can learn to kayak, join marathons or triathalons, go crosscountry skiing and more. The club offers these activities at a discounted rate as a special option to its customers. They are considering adding white water rafting as one of the new venues coming up.

This is a very interesting concept for fitness club owners. The potential is huge for both fitness club owners and outdoor adventure providers as well. If you think about it, you have a whole membership base of people that are interested in an active lifestyle and would like to get in shape. Those visiting the gym are most likely people who also like outdoor activities. So if you offer a deal on participating in adventure sports outside of the gym, you are fulfilling the "workout" portion of their agenda as well as their "hobby" portion of life.

Great idea... good potential for whitewater rafters to partner with fitness clubs in the area.

09 August 2006

Satellite Phone Good Investment for White Water Outfitters

White water rafting outfitters and Rafting America member Glacier Guides put their satellite phones to good use. Last Tuesday a Boy Scout from India fell in the back woods on Montana near Glacier National Park. The boy was lucky that a guide from Glacier Wilderness Guides found the boy and was able to use his satellite phone to rescue the Scout. The rescue most likely saved his life.

An article by the Hungry Horse News stated that "Glacier Wilderness Guides bought 10 satellite phones at the beginning of the season - in the event of an emergency. Using the phones was a test program this year, explained Guides co-owner Cris Coughlin. The company's staff would take the phones with them and then make calls from different places."

Looks like anyone in the rafting industry should pay special attention to Glacier Wilderness Guides. Satellite phones are used occasionally, but should be part of the safety equipment all rafting outfitters carry on the trips. Costly? perhaps. Worth it? Just ask the Boy Scout from India or the guide from Glacier Wilderness Guides.

08 August 2006

Bush Beer and River Network Join to Protect Rivers

The River Network and Busch Beer joined forces this summer to protect rivers and promote white water rafting . The river network is a non-profit agency dedicated to the protection of watersheds and rivers everywhere. Busch stepped in to provide funding and a sweepstakes to asssist the rafting network in their cause.

The sweepstakes for the rafting trip is the website www.buschwhitewater.com. Hopefully the promotion work well and people assist in the cause to protect rivers throughout the nation. Every member of Rafting America realizes the importance of river protection and working closely with governmental agencies to ensure this protection. Water flows, licenses and much more are vital factors in the white water rafting industry.

01 August 2006

White Water Rafters Get Stuck Behind Logjam

I think you would have to see it to believe it. The Middle Fork of the Salmon River experieced a very unusual and potentially dangerous situation last week- a massive logjam. Over a week ago Sunday and Monday, the area just above Pistol Creek rapids received almost an inch of rain in one hour. This caused an "explosion" of sorts sending huges rocks and logs straight into the river.

We are not talking about debree that can be avoided. This was a massive jam that left over 300 rafters stranded during the week. As you can see by the picture, it looks like a giant beaver made its home on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

Some rafters opted to hike around the area and put in again downstream, while others hiked to the Pistol Creek airstrip to be flown out. That wouldhave made a very exciting trip (depending on how you look at it I guess). Here is one article from a family that experienced the whole ordeal.

But no worries. Crews work by hand with chainsaws and shwatever else they could to get it clear. The Middle Fork is still up-and-running with great white water rafting trips available. You can get Salmon River trip information at Rafting America.