14 August 2006

White Water Rafting with Your Fitness Club?

A new twist has been added to the same old work-out routine. TruFitness, a gym/fitness club in Roseville, CA has added a new option for members looking for fun ways to get in shape. The fitness club boats "offers al fresco workouts" as an option for its members. You can learn to kayak, join marathons or triathalons, go crosscountry skiing and more. The club offers these activities at a discounted rate as a special option to its customers. They are considering adding white water rafting as one of the new venues coming up.

This is a very interesting concept for fitness club owners. The potential is huge for both fitness club owners and outdoor adventure providers as well. If you think about it, you have a whole membership base of people that are interested in an active lifestyle and would like to get in shape. Those visiting the gym are most likely people who also like outdoor activities. So if you offer a deal on participating in adventure sports outside of the gym, you are fulfilling the "workout" portion of their agenda as well as their "hobby" portion of life.

Great idea... good potential for whitewater rafters to partner with fitness clubs in the area.

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