18 May 2007

Mixed Reviews for Whitewater Rafting Levels

Looks like we are getting mixed reviews for the outlook of whitewater rafting around the country. Naturally, spring offers the best water runoff as the river catch the brunt of the early snow runoff. Colorado is experiencing great water levels (we all remember the horrible storms in Denver over the winter), perhaps the best they have seen in over a decade. You even have water agencies in Colorado and some parts of California letting out a little extra water now to prepare for the increased runoff. Other areas of California are lower than expected.

And for other parts? Southern Utah has average levels right now, but things are not looking so great for the rest of the season. Water levels on the Colorado River and Green River could see a 5 year low, bringing it back to the dry season three years ago.

The East coast is getting mixed results as well. North-East regions has levels as good as last year, some even running high. But travel down South towards the GA, TN region, and things are running in the 10% level of where they should be.

It will make for an interesting season across the country, and hopefully everyone will at least have an increase over last year.

01 May 2007

U.S. National Team Trials a Success

Held at the new U.S. National Whitewater Center and Park in North Carolina, this year's national team trials. It drew large crowds and over 14,000 people came to observe the trials and the paddling prowess of the nations best whitewater paddlers.

The official U.S. Canoe and Kayak website has all the official team and individual slalom results from the entire event.

As more and more whitewater rafting parks and water parks pop-up around the country, the sport of kayaking and whitewater rafting will only continue to grow. Already, major Central and East Coast cities are look to expand their water park centers and venues.

A North-Jersey.com story reports that the water parks in the Jersey, Wisconsin and New York areas will only continue to grow, as you have massive populations in these region who are looking for a weekend getaway or some type of adventurous vacation not across the country.

Although the whitewater rafting parks in these places do not compare with the real deal, it is still a parallel partnership that will benefit the entire river rafting industry.