24 August 2006

White Water Rafting in Colorado Could Break Record

The Colorado River Outfitters Association reported that this season 504,622 people have rafted in Colorado so far. The season is still not over, and Colorado my break its all-time high of 525,537 from '99. The season has been good all around the country, as the combination of great water levels and increased interest rise everywhere.

Colorado actually is host to the famous Arkansas River and the Colorado River, among others in the state. So how much money does this equate to for teh river runners. So far, the estimates lie around $135 million for white water rafting outfitters across the state. Many outfitters will continue to run the rivers through September until the weather cools down and business slows. But until then, everyone is mostly excited about the increase and they hope this trend continues into next year.


Anonymous said...

I have only rafted in Colorado, but I like the Arkansas, the Dolores & the Colorado

River Rafting said...

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