22 September 2006

Housing Project on New River Gorge

Looks like a new project ot put upscale housing in the New River Gorge is going through. Most white water rafting outfitters seem to support the new development, although it was a heated debate in the region.

According to an article in The Register Herald, "Fayette County Board of Zoning Appeals voted unanimously to uphold zoning officer Tim Richardson’s approval of the Phase 1 subdivision plat for Roaring River, the larger of two planned housing developments overlooking the gorge."

So, it may bring a boost to local tourism and white water rafting, I just wonder how the homes will look over the gorge. Although, for those who have been on the American River in California, you would see homes along the river front at varioius places along the river. I am sure other places have riverside homes that do not detract from the experience. We shall see what it produces!

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