14 December 2006

"Mancations" Comin Atcha'

Its not a misspelled word- its a new word. "Mancation" is a hot new topic in the adventure travel industry and white water rafting. It means just what it says- a vacation for men. I guess they have finally put terminology on the "boys weekend out" that gives it a little more formality.

Mancations.com is the website created to list packages and activities that fit the mold for manly trips to do with your friends. NBC10 in Philadelphia and surrounding regions reported on mancations not too long ago, and it is catching wind. The Today Show just aired a segment dedicated specifically for Mancations. Topped on the Mancation list are golf vacations (of course), white water rafting, backpacking and more. This is in the wake of marketing research showing a rising trend in vacations by groups of men.

The marketing study shows the true feeling men have about vacationing:

   * Over 60% of respondents who go on guys or girls trips are married.

* 41% of men -- compared with 22% of women -- said that they witnessed
something on their guy's trip that they preferred their spouse not know

* Despite the expected bravado image, 80% of men indicated they miss their
families when they go on these trips.

* More then half of all respondents said they would rather take a trip
with a bunch of friends versus attend a family reunion.

Lets be honest- who would really opt for a family reunion instead of a Mancation? That's what I thought. If you want to start planning a Mancation, visit the website or try whitewater rafting trips for a start. They are sure to get your adrenaline pumping!

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