13 April 2007

Largest Rafting Segment- Boomers

Adventure travel and whitewater rafting are at the top of the list for the baby boomer generation. Don't expect them to sit at home and spend their retirement. Most studies show that this market segment makes up a majority of travel now in the U.S.

A recent study of retirement communities conducted by Del Webb (a retirment community management firm) showed that the proffered activities patrons look for in a community now is the "active" lifestyle option. Hang-gliding, river rafting and other physical activities.

"Even adventure programming, such as hiking, climbing and river rafting are appealing to a much larger percentage of our residents," says a representative from Pulte Homes, working on various community projects.

Of course, it will be wise to tap into this valuable market. 77% of this community states that they will still work at least a few days a week, bringing in valuable cash and funds available for travel and leisure.

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