26 March 2007

Whitewater Outfitters Working With Government

River water levels are becoming less of a concern for some whitewater outfitters in various destinations across the country. Since river rafting relies heavily on water levels, most outfitters join efforts to influence reservoir and dam release schedules to match the busy rafting season.

This year, we are already seeing some new changes that will positively affect the rafting industry. In Northern California, the Sacramento Municipal Utility Distric has now cleared an important hurdle for everyone. A new pact calls for a guaranteed weekend release year-round to provide a daily source of whitewater along various points, including the popular American River. The Auburn Journal reports some of the facts and details of this new pact that many in the area are happy about. Not only will the new release add to the tourism and recreation in the area, but studies show that it will also help the wildlife habitat. Most of the time, these release schedules actually work better for everyone. A constant flow of water means and continual source of food, shelter and water for the local environment.

Across the nation a similar agreement has been reached along the Ocoeee River in Tennessee. The TVA and the Outfitters Association in the area are under contract to release 1200 cfs on scheduled dates through the spring and summer. Again, these dates give a regular water-flow schedule and make the rafting season more predictable.

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