15 June 2006

New Website Launch for Rafting America

Rafting America Logo
Rafting America just finished launching a new website with an updated look. It is very exciting to browse through the new website and find rafting outfitters in throughout the nation. Rafting America has also had some internal changes in order to better promote the website and services offered to the public.

Our goal at Rafting America is to provide interested consumers with all the information they need for planning a rafting trip anywhere in America. We have 15 outfitters across the nation and even a few international outfitters. These companies provide superior trips with high standards to ensure a safe and fun trip on the river. We are a group of rafters who love the sport and are dedicated to serving others.

To find out more about the new site launch and organization of Rafting America, you can read the press release here.

Please visit our website www.raftingamerica.com to find out more about our wonderful services.

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