21 June 2006

Whitewater Voyages Running the Kern

The LA Times just recently posted an article discussing the dangers of whitewater rafting down the Kern River in California. The West Coast regions of the U.S. have seen a significant snowpack from the long and late winter. The Kern River in California is especially seeing high water levels and flucuations in river activity. Anytime you have extreme fluctuations in the river it poses as a threat to private rafters.

So is the Kern River really dangerous?

Rafting America member Bill McGuiness, owner of Whitewater Voyages, was quoted in the LA Times article stating: "The people who get in trouble are the ones who treat a river as if it were a long, skinny lake."

Well put, Bill. The fact is that river rafting is no more dangerous now than before. If you have experienced guides with greats skills and river knowledge, a whitewater trip can be fun and exciting.

"It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," said Bill. "This is a very exciting time to go out."

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