27 June 2006

Whitewater Voyages Highlighted for Whitewater Rafting

High waters produces great whitewater. This season is no exception to that rule. Across the nation, many areas are experiencing an abundance of moisture that make whitewater rafting more exciting than ever.

The Bakersfield Californian, a California newspaper, just printed an article titled "Rafting Rush! Get soaked on Kern River". Highlighted in the article was a long-time river guide Roland Stevenson for Rafting America member Whitewater Voyage. Stevenson guided the journalists down the river for a very exciting trip.

As Stevenson puts it, “guides dream about the high-water years, and this is definitely one of them.”

The Kern river highlighted here was mentioned in an earlier post talking about the apparent dangers of some rivers, if you raft without a guide. The Kern river is for sure one of the fastest-falling rivers in America. I say that makes it even more attractive :) In any sense though, make sure to take full advantage of this great whitewater season.

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