18 January 2008

Grand Canyon Rafting IMAX Film Coming

A new IMAX film called "Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk" will be debuting on March 14, 2008. The film takes a look at freash water preservation issues through a whitewater rafting trip down the Grand Canyon with O.A.R.S. rafting company. The file is presented by Teva, and has been year in the making.

They wanted to get the film out before World Water Day on March 22, 2008. MacGillivray Freeman Films picked up the production of the rafting and water video. They are one of the most experienced producers of special venue films in the world.

Should be interesting to see the whole movie. Not quite sure if it is a film focused more on the "whitewater rafting" adventure or throw in a political slant to the whole thing. Probably the latter of the two, since I sense some sort of green agenda (i have no problem in protection the river systems of the world, by the way.)

Interesting to see either way.

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