20 July 2006

Cool off with White Water Rafting

River rafting can be fun on all levels. For the most part, I always recommend going down the river with professional guides. They know the river and know how to navigate safely down the river. But you can have fun on your own self-guided river trip as well.

Depending on the river, sometimes you can opt to float down on a tube or small inflatable. Either way, river rafting is one of the funest ways to enjoy summer activity. Metro West Daily News reporter Tim Jones mentioned a couple of white water rafting trips they had gone on with some professional outfitters. The New England Outdoor Center and Zoar Outdoor, both of which are Rafting America members, were mentioned as excellent outfitters to raft with. Tim points out the same viewpoint that I have- rafting alone can be fun, but make sure you know what you are getting into.

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