18 July 2006

Mid-Atlantic Floods Actually Good News For White Water Rafting

Last month, the Mid-Atlantic regions of the US experienced some major downpours. As such, floods and high water levels resulted. You would think nobody wants this kind of weather in the middle of summer. Think again. White water rafters love it.

The NY Times published an article outlining this very topic on July 16, 2006 in the Travel section of the paper. The author Michelle Higgins points out that white water rafting is now better than usual in these areas thanks to the heavy downpour. Pocono Whitewater, a Rafting America member, is one company in the article that has experienced better business. Usually Pocono Whitewater can only runs trips every other weekend during these summer months. But thanks to the heavy rains, they have increased their business.

Just one of the many examples of how a rainy day can mean more fun in the sun.

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