05 July 2006

Top 10 White Water Rafting Rivers

Want a top 10 list for white water rafting in the US? Well, Rafting America already operates the top rivers across the US. But just to confirm our opinion, America Outdoors released their top 10 list too.
In an artcile byt he Associated Press in Yahoo news, the top 10 report is as listed:
(The list reflects popularity primarily based on individual visits)

1. Arkansas River, Colorado.

2. Ocoee River, Tennessee.

3. Nantahala River, North Carolina.

4. New River, West Virginia.

5. Deschutes River, Oregon.

6. Pigeon River, Tennessee.

7. Snake River, Wyoming.

8. Colorado River, Colorado.

9. American River, South Fork, California

10. Kennebec River, Maine.

There you have it. The official Top 10 list. Rafting America partners already operate on all of these rivers. So if you want a good white water rafting trip, just go to Rafting America.


Anonymous said...

What no Gauley river? Your list is wrong to start with.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the above poster. Without the Gauley River in West Virginia, this list can't be taken seriously as a top 10 whitewater river list.

jimmy8825 said...

You all are correct the Upper Gauley is one of the most premier Whitewater trips to take. I just recently had my 1st experience with it and was I amazed and ecstatic. Can't wait till next year. Doug @ Songer is one the best guides on the River.

Gamibro said...

You're going to need to add the Gauley - probably at the top.

Anonymous said...

What about the Cal Salmon, Scott, Tuolumne, Merced, Upper Klamath, North Fork American?....... All are better than the Nantahla. I understand Kaykers train there but the river itself is weak unless you go passed the take out. I am judging on intensity, I don't know what this is based on.....

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