26 July 2006

Girl Scouts Great Niche for White Water Rafting

We all love the Girl Scout cookies, and we all think its cute to see the girls selling the cookies every year whit their smiley faces. But Girl Scouts is continually becoming a more "adventure" focused organization, not really what the perception typically presents.

In the white water rafting industry, specialty groups offer good niche markets to target. The Girl Scouts is no exception. I recetly just read an article talking about the adventure oppportunities for Girl Scouts, and their "requests to an increased emphasis on strenuous, outdoor, physical activities." Have interests changes or are they just trying to catch up to the Boy Scouts? Seems as though interests have really changed. According to the article, the Girl Scouts have increased interest in whitewater rafting. "Stewart, who has been in her post since 1998, said Scouts were white-water rafting 10 years ago. It's just that nowadays, they're doing it more."

Good opportunity for niche marketing, hitting a target market with growing interest. You can see the new face of teh Girl Scouts and their adventure travel plans at www.studio2b.org and www.gogirlsonly.org

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