27 July 2006

Deerfield Riverfest to Highlight Whitewater in Southern New England

This year’s American Whitewater Deerfield River Festival is shaping up to be one of the best ever. The annual Deerfield River Festival celebrates whitewater kayaking, canoeing and rafting in western Massachusetts. This year will bring new activities both on and off the river to the weekend celebration.
Check out what we have going on this year:

“Save Our Rivers”
Membership Drive

Each year American Whitewater gathers up all sorts of goodies to host the annual Deerfield American Whitewater membership drive. Folks that join or renew their AW membership get hooked up with magazines, dvds, stickers, food, drinks, and a chance to win one of three free kayaks from Dagger Kayaks, Jackson Kayaks, and Wavesport Kayak.

On Water Activities
Saturday afternoon will be full of activities on the Dryway section of the Deerfield starting with a “boatercross” event through Dragon’s Tooth and Labyrinth. Following the “boatercross” there will be a freestyle competition in Dragon’s Tooth. Judges will be rating you on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how creative and fun your run looks. Each event only costs $5 to participate. Registrations will take place at the Dryway Put-In from 10 – 11:45.

Kids Activities
Every year at the Deerfield Festival it seems that there are more and more kids running around, playing games, and crawling into boats. This year we have a bunch of activities for the little ones, including a wiffle ball game, rubber ducky race, and pie eating contest. The kids’ activities will all take place in the festival field starting around 4:00.

Grownup Kid (Adult) Activities
We have a few hidden things up our sleeves for this year’s festival but here is just a taste of what is in store:
“Are you gonna eat that?” Pie Eating Contest
Water Balloon Launching contest with your favorite paddling friends as targets
Music from “The Symptoms”
Raft Guide “Superguide” Challenge
Silent Auction with all the latest whitewater gear and goodies

Contact Zoar Outdoor for more details.

26 July 2006

Girl Scouts Great Niche for White Water Rafting

We all love the Girl Scout cookies, and we all think its cute to see the girls selling the cookies every year whit their smiley faces. But Girl Scouts is continually becoming a more "adventure" focused organization, not really what the perception typically presents.

In the white water rafting industry, specialty groups offer good niche markets to target. The Girl Scouts is no exception. I recetly just read an article talking about the adventure oppportunities for Girl Scouts, and their "requests to an increased emphasis on strenuous, outdoor, physical activities." Have interests changes or are they just trying to catch up to the Boy Scouts? Seems as though interests have really changed. According to the article, the Girl Scouts have increased interest in whitewater rafting. "Stewart, who has been in her post since 1998, said Scouts were white-water rafting 10 years ago. It's just that nowadays, they're doing it more."

Good opportunity for niche marketing, hitting a target market with growing interest. You can see the new face of teh Girl Scouts and their adventure travel plans at www.studio2b.org and www.gogirlsonly.org

20 July 2006

Cool off with White Water Rafting

River rafting can be fun on all levels. For the most part, I always recommend going down the river with professional guides. They know the river and know how to navigate safely down the river. But you can have fun on your own self-guided river trip as well.

Depending on the river, sometimes you can opt to float down on a tube or small inflatable. Either way, river rafting is one of the funest ways to enjoy summer activity. Metro West Daily News reporter Tim Jones mentioned a couple of white water rafting trips they had gone on with some professional outfitters. The New England Outdoor Center and Zoar Outdoor, both of which are Rafting America members, were mentioned as excellent outfitters to raft with. Tim points out the same viewpoint that I have- rafting alone can be fun, but make sure you know what you are getting into.

18 July 2006

Mid-Atlantic Floods Actually Good News For White Water Rafting

Last month, the Mid-Atlantic regions of the US experienced some major downpours. As such, floods and high water levels resulted. You would think nobody wants this kind of weather in the middle of summer. Think again. White water rafters love it.

The NY Times published an article outlining this very topic on July 16, 2006 in the Travel section of the paper. The author Michelle Higgins points out that white water rafting is now better than usual in these areas thanks to the heavy downpour. Pocono Whitewater, a Rafting America member, is one company in the article that has experienced better business. Usually Pocono Whitewater can only runs trips every other weekend during these summer months. But thanks to the heavy rains, they have increased their business.

Just one of the many examples of how a rainy day can mean more fun in the sun.

05 July 2006

Top 10 White Water Rafting Rivers

Want a top 10 list for white water rafting in the US? Well, Rafting America already operates the top rivers across the US. But just to confirm our opinion, America Outdoors released their top 10 list too.
In an artcile byt he Associated Press in Yahoo news, the top 10 report is as listed:
(The list reflects popularity primarily based on individual visits)

1. Arkansas River, Colorado.

2. Ocoee River, Tennessee.

3. Nantahala River, North Carolina.

4. New River, West Virginia.

5. Deschutes River, Oregon.

6. Pigeon River, Tennessee.

7. Snake River, Wyoming.

8. Colorado River, Colorado.

9. American River, South Fork, California

10. Kennebec River, Maine.

There you have it. The official Top 10 list. Rafting America partners already operate on all of these rivers. So if you want a good white water rafting trip, just go to Rafting America.