22 January 2007

New Film "Western Canada- Far and Wild" Ready

John Wilson, a well known wildlife documentary filmaker, recently showed his newest creation to a crowd in MI, reported a local paper. His new film about the backcountry of Canada feature Carabou in the Yukon, the Nahanni River and many other Canadian highlights.

John has done a number of Canadian wildlife pictures, and has won many awards for his great filography. It is true that Canada has some of the best wildlife and outback adventure desitnations in the world. White water rafting and/or kayaking in Canada is something that few people think about, but is perhaps one of the best ways to view the most scenic areas. Ther are plenty of places to visit when it comes to rafting in Canada. The most popular destinations are British Columbia and the Ottawa river. However, companies such as Nahanni/Canadian River Expeditions give full backcountry excursions through the Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories.

The film can be purchased from the Travel Video Store, currently listed for $19.95.

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