31 January 2007

Waveyard- Water Sports Dream in Phoenix

Waveyard, the up-coming water sports resort and villa has its new website up- www.waveyard.com. The new park will have white water rafting, kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, beaches, shopping, retail stores, villas and more. Probably the largest and most unique of its kind, this boasts to be quite the resort/waterpark destination.

It will be interesting to see how the profitability pans out. Some of the other whitewater parks (focusing strictly on whitewater rafting/kayaking) are getting mixed results. This takes the concept to a whole new level. Location seems to be good. Product is right and price is yet to be determined (I would imagine from the look and feel that it would be expensive). The marketing and promotion will play a major role.

Other whitewater parks seem to focus on local markets for the day-to-day business. Not quite as wide a scope as normal whitewater rafting outfitters. The water sports resort would (I assume) try to pull from a much larger audience. The whitewater rafting and kayaking portion of the park would probably be less of an attraction with all the other activities. But fun nonetheless.


Lauren said...

When I was at a management/leadership seminar one of the participants made an analogy about white water rafting and different roles in an organization that was really powerful. It was about where people sit in the boat and what their role is. For example, as leaders of an organization you're at the helm, you need to be clear with your directions. If you are inconsistent in the information you are providing you may find your boat going over the cliffs....if people are rowing at different times you will find yourself going in circles

Clearly I am not well versed in white water rafting but I'd love to use that analogy again. I've tried googling it but can't find anything useful. Can anyone help?

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