31 January 2007

Zoar Outdoor Hosting '07 Wildwater Nationals

Rafting America partner and member Zoar Outdoor has been selected to host the 2007 USA Wildwater Nationals. The Nationals will be held on August 24-26, 2007. The Deerfield River is the selected site for the runs. Normally, the official website for USAWildwater has all the latest news, but this is a little ahead of the game.

The great part about holding the Nationals is that the Dryway section will receive water releases for the Saturday and Sunday rafting. The river is an ideal location for the runs, with mild class II and III rapids. Zoar has hosted nationals before, so they are familiar with the process and the events.

Zoar Outdoor offers river trips on the Deerfield River, Concord River, West River, and others. Zoar is also well known for their kayak clinics. The owner, Bruce, is a renown Olympic paddler and runs a very good kayak clinic on-site.

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